LDM Media Growth

business card Part II

2013 Updates:

Stepping into the Digital Age and Modern Tech.
I have been online teaching for a few yrs
Began as Podcast Radio in itunes, then entered teaching audio classes in Learnoutloud and lulu.

Updating current projects to video classes.


EDU Bio 2008-2011
The Audio and Text Book Classes, for Love and Divinity; has a Mega collection of Vocational, Professional, Undergraduate, and graduate level Mind-Body-Spirit; classes, spoken word, and educational lectures in our Stores and Teaching Profiles. The eclasses were recorded by LDM Recording Studio, of LDM University Headquarters; in Michigan. The available classes; are listed in our LuLu and Learn out Loud Store Networks. Please, Feel Free; to Contact us for additional website information, if you are brand new to LDM in general.

later LDM folder view

2015-16 Bio:

Beginning the third millennium was Scouted By John Casablancas Modeling Agency in Canton Michigan.
Scouted later via a Scholarship to attend the new Model, Actor Training Department.
As a traditional student, Nursing Assistant decided to stay in College and join the agency at a later time.
Eventually started a new Business and Relocated to Detroit Michigan.
Early in the Business Division, Scouting opportunities upgraded to Talent Scout of Human Resources for Metro Detroit/Troy MI.
This Forms a Digital age destiny for Scouting developments. Company Projects include Scouting Fitness Models for Yoga, Adult Continuing Education. An ongoing Corporation Project during Fall to Spring 2016.
Building a Fitness Model Agency is also a consideration to add efficiency to the Yoga School Structure.


Promotion Model, Game Artist, Visual Effects Editor

2/2013 – Present LDM Digital Studios, Detroit, Michigan

SR CEO and Founder of LDM HQ, This Was the First Division to Host Digital and Game Art.

Real Modeling:
Yoga/Pilates/Dance Active
I specialize in Body part and Silhouette Poses.
Model Representation: Independent/Not seeking

Virtual World/PC Game Modeling:
I specialize in Secondlife for our 5th/7th Generational Photographer Model,
Cisco Game Tech in OpenSim and (Former) IMVU modeling.
Genres are tantra, sexy, and nude modeling.
Featured in Music Videos for Vevo/Music Choice and Machinima Short Film Animation.
Fitness Modeling, Yoga Therapist/Teacher:
4/2007- Present LDM Yoga School, LDM HQ, Detroit MI

Yoga Style Timeline:

Styles 2001-2003=Power Yoga Styles
2004-2006-Hatha Yoga Styles
2007-2009-Power Yoga, Hatha, Meditation, Chakra, Tangshan.
Styles 2010-2015-medical Yoga, Yoga therapy, and Tantra.