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Been updating my freelance profile off and on, this year

for our profile and available jobs online



Welcome and Reference


This blog is for reference and fans.

  • Whenever i am working on projects,
  • it seems the fans dig harder?
  • kinda funny but ok
  • We have so many sites as a company
  • its best to use direct links or google/bing.

thx for visiting

Leslie Michelle


New this Month

Fall updates – New Websites:

Confessions I

I designed other reference sites for the SR CEO Only (myself).

this may not aid daily or weekly updates, all depends.

However it will help a lot of fans, visitors, and Customers to understand the Backdrop;

to me personally. Something very hard to find over the 10 yrs of Company History.

Leslie Moore, SR CEO,

Yoga ND, Game Artist

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